The Next Time You Host A Pizza Party, Ask For Your Pie 'Double Cut'

Pizza parties are a fun way to get your besties together without the hassle of cooking an elaborate meal. Simply call up your favorite pizza parlor and order a stack of pies — from the basic but crowd-pleasing Margherita to the fully loaded meat feast — to cater to each and every appetite. But you know what makes hosting a pizza party even easier?  Asking for your pie to be "double cut" to create more slices.

"Double cut" simply means to cut a pizza into twice the number of slices your pizza place would ordinarily cut your pie into. So, instead of 8 regular slices, you get 16 slender portions that feature all of the same gooey cheese and moreish toppings but in a slightly smaller and easier-to-handle serving size.

Double-cutting your pie is ideal when you're serving a crowd because you get heaps more mileage out of a single pizza. Moreover, it creates more opportunities for your partygoers to try a few varieties of pie instead of filling up on a couple of full-sized slices. They can sample a thin sliver of a veggie supreme, fruity Hawaiian, and spicy hot one in a single evening without over-eating and feeling overstuffed. Smaller sizes of pizza also have an hors d'oeuvres quality about them — they're easier to grab when mingling with other guests, much like appetizers, which means the party can keep going while everyone has a nibble and a drink in their hand.

Double cut pizzas are perfect for kids

Skinnier slices of pizza are great for children's parties because they're the perfect size for smaller tummies and tinier hands. Plus, you won't need to clear away any half-eaten slices that your little ones couldn't quite finish at the end of the party, which has three convenient perks — you'll prevent food waste, save money, and reduce clean-up time.

Finally, the "double cut" works for every iteration of pizza you can imagine, from thin-based Neopolitan-style pies and filling deep dish options to pillowy Sicilian varieties that are cut into squares instead of triangles. The bonus is the same with every option; you get all the satisfying flavor of each pizza without the heft. The key is to ask your pizzeria to double-cut the slices for you using professional pizza cutters (designed to make clean lines that don't disturb the melted cheese and toppings), instead of doing it messily yourself at home.

Once the party's over, any leftovers can easily fit in a small container and be stored away in the fridge to be reheated the next day. To reheat your pizza to perfection, add it to a hot pan with a teaspoon of water so the steam melts the cheese to the perfect gooey consistency.