Switch Up The Taste Of Your Next Fruit Smoothie With Canned Lychee

If you're looking for something to shake up your go-to smoothie recipe, then look no further than lychee. Easy and versatile, a can of lychee from your pantry is a game changer for all of the fruit smoothie enthusiasts out there. Native to Southern China, lychee is a delicious tropical fruit full of nutrients. Outside of Asian-style desserts, like sweet soups, fruit cakes, and ice cream, lychee's culinary potential remains largely untapped, which needs to change.

Unlike fresh lychee, which is seasonal and more expensive, canned lychee is a convenient and cost-effective alternative. It's available year-round in most Asian supermarkets and international grocery sections. Whole Foods, Target, Amazon, Safeway, and Walmart all carry canned lychee. Plus, canned lychees come pre-peeled. In terms of flavor, note that lychee itself is sweet and floral. This succulent fruit is refreshingly unique, and some say it's a little like a crunchy grape mixed with a pear with hints of rose water. Plus, as it is pretty firm and crunchy, lychee will add texture to your fruit smoothies.

To use canned lychee in a fruit smoothie, first open the can and drain the fruit. However, be sure to reserve some of the canning syrup. This sweet liquid can replace added sugar or honey in your smoothie recipe. This lychee syrup can also add flavor to different sweet beverages outside of smoothies. 

How to craft the perfect lychee fruit smoothie at home

Are you wondering what some of the best fruit combinations to pair with lychee are to make your next fruit smoothie? Firstly, lychee pairs well with other tropical fruits, like mango and pineapple. Berries, such as strawberries and raspberries, also make excellent partners for lychee in a smoothie. Tart and tangy, berries balance the sweetness of lychee. Since you'll find the color pink associated with lychee across Asian cuisine, the vibrant colors of the strawberries and raspberries also add visual appeal and pinkness.

Incorporating citrus elements like yuzu, calamansi, orange, lemon, or lime can enhance the floral notes of lychee. This sweet and zesty combination is perfect for those who enjoy a tangy kick in their smoothies. Adding banana or yogurt and a splash of vegan milk, such as almond or coconut milk, creates a rich smoothness for a creamier texture. Incorporating fresh herbs like mint or basil in your lychee fruit smoothies will add an aromatic and refreshing twist. For those who prefer a colder, slushie-like consistency, adding ice is the way to go. Experimenting with these combinations can lead to discovering your perfect canned lychee fruit smoothie blend that you can enjoy all year round.