Add Vanilla Extract To French Press Coffee For A Hint Of Sweetness

French press coffee may require a little work, but the results are a delicious brew that is rich and full-bodied, allowing you to taste all of the elements of your grind. But if you are looking for a way to sweeten its taste, you may want to try and incorporate flavor extracts into your morning coffee, especially vanilla. Vanilla extract adds a sweet, creamy, and woodsy-tasting element to everything it touches. When you add a few drops to your coffee grounds in your French press, you are going to taste all of those notes, making for a sweet cup of joe. 

To create your French press coffee with vanilla, simply add anywhere from a few drops to a teaspoon of the extract to your coffee grounds. Next, pour the hot water over the grounds and let it just sit there on pause. The longer you let it steep and resist pressing down on the plunger, the stronger the taste will be. And while the coffee brews, that vanilla flavor is going to permeate the coffee and water, adding its delicious taste profile to your brew in a subtle manner.

Heat can both help and hinder the vanilla flavor

As your French press coffee steeps and brews, the heat from the hot water is going to help release the flavor of your vanilla extract. However, if your water is too hot, some of the characteristics of your vanilla flavor may evaporate. So, mind the heat. You should also remember that not all extracts are created equally. Some can be stronger than others. This is one of the reasons that you want to start with just a drop or two. 

You can always add more if the intensity isn't hitting your mouth right. You may also want to add a little sweetener in the form of a simple syrup to really enhance and bring out the vanilla flavor. If you like the addition of vanilla extract, you can get creative and try other flavors — mint, almond, lemon, chocolate, and the list goes on. You can also mix some of these flavors together to create your own unique coffee flavor.