The Food Trend Katie Lee Hopes To See Less Of In 2024 - Exclusive

Across social media, there were a slew of interesting and odd food trends in 2023. Cottage cheese was used in everything from noodles to ice cream. Single-color vintage cakes made a comeback and were covered in decadent, draped piping. Then there was the more questionable-looking decision of putting McDonald's McFlurry ice cream between two hashbrowns to make a sandwich.

When we spoke with the cookbook author and co-host of "The Kitchen" Katie Lee Biegel, we were curious to find out what new trends she foresees on the horizon for this new year. While promoting her line of organic wines from Kind of Wild, she told us during our exclusive interview that she was actually just hoping for more of a return to simplicity.

"I hope to see less trends of food that are just for Instagram — of things that are just to look over the top," Biegel explained. "I want to get back to food that you want to eat. Good, honest food — that's what I like."

When it comes to food, she likes the classics

Katie Lee Biegel has made a name for herself by putting a healthy twist on beloved dishes like her zucchini pasta, cauliflower tacos with spicy sriracha black beans, and her Strawberry Fool dessert recipe. So it shouldn't come as a complete shock to fans that she likes to create timeless meals over something that could just be a flash in the pan.

"I've never been a trend person when it comes to clothes, when it comes to food, or when it comes to decorating," she admitted. "I like classics, and that's what I want for food."

If you're looking to make this style of dish that would pair beautifully with her new wine, she suggested trying one of her favorite heart-healthy seafood recipes. It features salmon with a brown sugar spice crust and watercress and pomegranate seeds on top — a dish both delicious and visually enticing enough for Instagram, even if social media appeal wasn't her goal. "It has a really nice crunch to it and a nice little pop of brightness with the pomegranate seeds," Biegel said. "It's colorful and pretty, but the sparkling [wine] would go nicely with that, because it's got that acidic moment to cut through the fat of the salmon and it's bright and fresh. It would also go really well with our Malbec."

To order Katie Lee Biegel's organic wine, visit The new season of "The Kitchen" premieres Saturday, January 13 at 11:00 a.m. ET on Food Network.