For A Crisp Finish, Let Your Lasagna's Top Layer Hang Over The Sides Of The Pan

One thing that can elevate your lasagna is creating the perfect crispy, golden layer on top to hold in all the gooey filling inside. A perfectly crispy-edged lasagna gives you a great textural difference in your bites and makes for a more satisfying meal overall. Achieving these crispy edges is easier than you may think; all it takes is a little bit of strategic building when you're layering your lasagna.

When you get to the top layer of your lasagna, you'll want to assemble it so that you have the edges of your pasta sheets slightly hanging over the edge of the pan. You don't want to do too much or you can risk charing your noodles instead of crisping them. Avoid leaving your noodles exposed in the oven for too long or you could start drying out your lasagna instead of crisping it. You really only need about five to 10 minutes under the broiler after uncovering your dish to get your desired results.

Other ways to crisp up your lasagna

Another way to incorporate that addictive, crispy crunch throughout your lasagna and not just on the edges, is by using a quality cheese blend on top that will get both melty and toasty. Adding a dusting of parmesan cheese on top of your lasagna will not only bring in the salty, rich flavors of the cheese but will also impart a gentle crunch. The key to getting this desired effect is using fresh parmesan so it can melt properly.

You'll also want to utilize a sheet of foil over your lasagna for the majority of the time it is cooking. This works to protect your lasagna while baking to retain moisture, and properly cook your noodles and fillings. The foil method lets you control how long your lasagna is fully exposed to the oven and allows you to achieve your desired level of crispiness.