Coconut Water Is The Subtly Sweet Addition Your Smoothies Need

Smoothies are a great way to whip up a healthy breakfast without having to make a concerted effort. While they certainly have the potential to lean too sugary, balancing them with a good amount of greens ensures that they're not too saccharine. However, healthier smoothies do need some flavor, making coconut water the perfect subtly sweet addition.

A blend of your favorite fruits, veggies, and greens, smoothies can turn out quite chunky and typically require a little liquid to thin them out. While water and milk are often called in for the task, the latter can make smoothies taste too creamy while the former is entirely too bland. Coconut water is a happy medium. Its consistency is just like water and it provides a touch of sweetness that can boost even the most bitter green smoothies. 

Its tropical-tinged, revitalizing taste pairs well with mixed berry smoothies, apple and banana blends, or kale, turmeric, and pineapple concoctions. Coconut water is an ingredient that makes smoothies even more refreshing, and not just in taste. The liquid is made up of 95% water, delivering hydration that's almost on par with the real thing. As an added bonus, coconut water is high in electrolytes like potassium and sodium, making it the perfect ingredient for your post-workout smoothies.

Use flavored coconut water to switch up your smoothies

The mildly sweet, nutty flavor of coconut water is one that rarely gets old; but if you often start your day with a smoothie, we won't blame you for wanting to switch things up. Thankfully, there's an abundance of coconut water brands on the market that offer flavored versions of their products, providing you with a different flavor for every day of the week. For example, you can make your refreshing vanilla fig smoothie even more refreshing with the addition of peach and mango-flavored coconut water. 

Infused with the juicy, floral sweetness of peaches and tropical-tasting mangoes, the coconut water revitalizes the vanilla fig smoothie, uplifting its jammy, heady flavor. If you're after something refreshing, but not quite as sweet, add watermelon-flavored coconut water to a mint and strawberry smoothie. Watermelon brings a splash of light sweetness to the cooling mint and balances the strawberries' tart taste. 

Accompanied by a sliced banana, fresh spinach, and diced cucumber, the coconut water rounds out this energizing smoothie. If that's not your style, amp up the nuttiness of your tahini smoothie with cardamom and dates by adding in orange-flavored coconut water. The honeyed, slightly tart citrus brings a zesty edge to the cooling spice and rich fruit. Meanwhile, the coconut complements tahini's mild taste, elevating it into something more invigorating.