Turn Tuna Salad Into A Creamy Dip That Pairs Perfectly With Potato Chips

You might be used to eating tuna salad on its own, inside a lettuce wrap, or piled high on a sandwich. The creamy and flavorful dish made with ingredients like mayonnaise, celery, chopped onion, and sometimes hard boiled eggs is affordable and easy to make, so it's a no-brainer that you might serve it with whatever crackers or bread you already have in the pantry. But if you're out of the former two vessels, or just want a different way to serve tuna salad, use it as a dip with a bag of potato chips for satisfying crunchy and salty bites.

Tuna salad is more like a dip than a salad, after all, so eating it by dipping chips in it works the same way you might serve a luxe caramelized onion dip or guacamole. This works as an alternative way to eat your tuna salad lunches this week or as a way to finish that leftover tuna in the fridge that needs to be eaten soon. There's also a strong argument to be made for whipping up a bowl of tuna salad and serving it as a starter at your next dinner party. To turn it into more of a spreadable dip, add extra mayonnaise or Miracle Whip to make it creamier; then blend everything until smooth to make it easier to pile onto the chips.

Serve tuna salad as a dip with potato chips

Whatever type of potato chips you prefer can work with tuna salad, like kettle cooked for an ultimate crunch or a ridged variety to help the flavorful tuna salad cling on. If you're using a traditional tuna salad recipe with the likes of mayo, relish, and celery, then go ahead and experiment with different flavors of potato chips to kick up the intensity. Salt and vinegar chips provide a salty and tangy punch, barbecue-flavored potato chips will give traditional tuna salad a smoky and mildly sweet flavor, dill pickle chips will bring out the briny pickle relish, and jalapeño chips will satisfy any craving for spicy food.

There are also many tuna salad variations if you want to pair different varieties with your favorite potato chips. Make Mediterranean-inspired tuna salad with ingredients like red peppers, Kalamata olives, and red onion paired with classic potato chips. Mexican-inspired tuna salad consisting of black beans, corn kernels, and cilantro would pair well with lime or chili-lime potato chips for zest. And if you want to follow our recipe for spruced up tuna salad with cucumber and red pepper, we think truffle or cracked black pepper potato chips will elevate this delicious dish even more.