Spice Up Clementines Slices With A Cinnamon Sugar Dusting

Clementines, bursting with juicy citrus flavor, are irresistible on their own. They're perfect for adding a touch of acidity to dishes or sweetness to salads. They can even be used in desserts like citrus curd and baked goods. But for an easy treat that's far from ordinary, it's time to try clementine slices with a dash of warm, aromatic cinnamon sugar. Get ready to indulge in a harmonious blend of flavors that will brighten your day.

Cinnamon sugar is a classic combination loved for its comforting, sweet, and slightly spicy notes. While you might think of sticky buns, toast, or snickerdoodle cookies when it comes to uses for cinnamon sugar, applying the mixture to clementine slices isn't so far-fetched. In fact, cinnamon-dusted oranges are commonly found in Morocco where they are served for dessert. In the United States, we often see orange cinnamon rolls, mulled wine spices, or even clementines in cinnamon simple syrup for a juicer take on this dish.

All of these recipes use some type of orange citrus and cinnamon. So, it's easy to see why clementines dusted with cinnamon sugar would be a delicious match. The warm, earthy tones complement the natural sweetness and tanginess of clementines, creating a flavor symphony that dances on your taste buds.

Tips for the best cinnamon sugar clementine slices

To make this simple, yet deliciously complex treat, start by peeling the clementines and separating them into neat slices. Next, in a small bowl, mix together ground cinnamon and granulated sugar. You can adjust the cinnamon-to-sugar ratio to your preference, depending on how pronounced you want the cinnamon spice flavor to be. Finally, there are two delightful ways to bring it all together.

You can gently dip the ends of the clementine slices in the cinnamon sugar mixture. This method ensures a light, even coating of sweetness. For a more immersive experience, place the clementine slices in a bowl and sprinkle the cinnamon sugar over them. Gently toss the slices to ensure they are thickly coated with the delightful mixture. To serve, arrange your cinnamon sugar-dusted clementine slices on a platter or individual plates. With these tips, you can enjoy this aromatic spin on clementines in no time. So, when life hands you clementines, dust them with cinnamon sugar, and savor the warm, spiced citrus flavor.