The Absolute Best Potato For Cooking Home Fries

For most potato lovers, the allure of home fries is so real. Those crispy, comforting bites of joy with delicately soft interiors can turn an ordinary meal into something special. When it comes to making the perfect home fries, choosing the right type of potatoes is key. Among the numerous varieties, russet potatoes are our favorite.

Known for their high starch content, russets are particularly well-suited for frying. As they cook, their starchy flesh transforms into a soft fluffy core while the outer layer, aided by the hot cooking oil, crisps up into a nice crunchy crust. This contrast is the hallmark of great home fries.

Another advantage of russet potatoes is their mild, subtly earthy flavor that makes them a perfect canvas for seasoning. Whether you prefer simple salt and pepper or are more adventurous with spices like paprika and garlic powder, russets absorb these flavors beautifully. They don't have an overpowering taste, ensuring that the seasonings you choose will shine through.

A worthy alternative

While russet potatoes hold the crown for the best potato for home fries, a close contender, the Yukon gold potato, is a great alternative if you're looking for something different. These distinctive golden spuds offer a slightly different yet equally appealing result to home fries. They are known for their medium starch content, which is lower than russets but higher than waxy potato varieties.

This unique starch composition lends Yukon golds the ability to hold their shape well while still achieving a desirable level of crispiness when fried. Their texture is also slightly creamier compared to the fluffy interior of russets. When cooked, they yield a rich, velvety core that complements the crispy exterior. One of the standout features of Yukon Gold tubers is their natural, buttery flavor. This rich taste is more pronounced than that of the subtle russet, adding depth to the home fries without overwhelming them. The inherent butteriness means you can use less seasoning or oil in cooking, as the potato itself brings considerable flavor to the dish.

Whether you choose russets or Yukon golds, making simple home fries is the same straightforward process. Just wash, peel (or don't), and cut the spuds into small cubes. Parboil them then pan-fry in a shallow pool of oil and season to your liking. Remember, for a crispier result, don't turn the spuds too often. Once ready, serve them immediately for maximum crunch with a piping-hot center.