Bring On The Nostalgia With Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwiches

As kids, playing around in the kitchen involved creating all sorts of food monstrosities. From pouring chocolate syrup onto our vegetables or squeezing ketchup on top of pancakes, there are concoctions from our past we would never dream of reinventing. Yet, sometimes we produced some gems, such as combining ice cream with our favorite breakfast items. For a blast of nostalgia, whip up a batch of Pop-Tarts ice cream sandwiches.

Although putting anything and everything into ice cream may be something we've grown out of, it's a phenomenon that should be revisited. Ice cream sandwiches are an easy dessert staple that with some ingenuity can transcend the meager chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream we've come to expect. With two Pop-Tarts and a pint of your favorite ice cream, you can give the old treat a nostalgic spin. Equipped with a sugar frosting, Pop-Tarts give the ice cream sandwich another layer of flavor. With two pastries in a pack and a hard, crumbly texture, Pop-Tarts are the perfect replacement for the classic cookie exterior.

All you need to do is freeze the Pop-Tarts while the ice cream slightly softens on the counter. Once it's creamy enough to spread onto the unglazed part of the Pop-Tart, smooth the ice cream on and press the two pastries together. You can eat the sandwich right away, but wrapping it in parchment paper and freezing it for a while longer will decrease the chances of the ice cream oozing out.

Try out these Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich ideas

Our sweetest dreams come true when you combine snickerdoodle Pop-Tarts and vanilla dulce de leche homemade ice cream in a sandwich. Smoky swirls of caramel and frosted cinnamon come together in this cold, sugary confection. Complete with a crunchy pretzel filling, this dessert has all the makings of a perfect ice cream sandwich.

Embrace a fruitier treat and make an ice cream sandwich with our DIY Guava Pop-Tarts and some strawberry ice cream. Via a dollop of tart guava jam, the tropical-tasting treat brings a bright burst of summer to even the most dreary of days. Before assembling the sandwich, sprinkle crushed strawberry Pop-Tarts into the ice cream to give the treat some added texture.

Give this nostalgic dessert a grown-up spin by using whiskey-spiked ice cream for the sandwich. Add a splash (or two) of Irish whiskey to coffee gelato before freezing it. After it's softened enough, spread it onto a brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tart. A nightcap and post-dinner dessert in one, this treat brings a boozy touch to a beloved Pop-Tarts flavor.