Starbucks Debuts Festive Drinkware For Lunar New Year And Valentine's Day 2024

For just about every holiday there's Starbucks drinkware to match, and the first two celebrations of 2024 are about to get a whole bunch of new items. The coffee chain may be loved for its seasonal beverages, like the new winter menu it debuted last week, but for the biggest fans, Starbucks holiday-themed cups are just as exciting. From sunny, floral designs for summer, to crystalline ornament-inspired mugs for the holiday season, there's always a steady drumbeat of new limited-edition Starbucks merchandise that frequently flies off the shelf, and even ends up being sold to collectors on the secondary market. Launching this week are two unique lineups of drinkware for the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day.

The Lunar New Year, which happens on the first new moon of the lunar calendar, is celebrated by countries around the world, but is particularly associated with China, where it is considered the most important holiday of the year. According to a press release from Starbucks, the Lunar New Year collection features a cold cup, mug, and tumbler, with each design themed around this year's Chinese zodiac symbol: the wood dragon. The Valentine's collection includes an array of cold cups, mugs, and tumblers as well, all decorated in pink, red, and light blue colors with floral or heart-patterned designs. All items in both collections are priced under $25 and available nationwide. Like any Starbucks holiday cup release, they will only be available for a limited time until supplies are sold out.

Starbucks' 2024 winter drinkware also features a new artist collaboration

While the holiday drinkware collections are the most well-known releases at Starbucks, the company has also been releasing cups with designs from artists around the country. The Artist Collaboration series is now on its fourth collection. Launching alongside the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day cups, this year's offering was created by multidisciplinary Tlingit artist Alison Bremner, who is based in Seattle. The designs are inspired by art forms practiced by her ancestors, Indigenous Peoples in Alaska, and mixed with symbols and images from her own contemporary life. The three new cups include a ceramic tumbler, a stainless tumbler, and a cold cup, and will be available at certain participating locations.

There was more big news last week from Starbucks, and it might make you even more likely to grab a cup from one of these new collections. Reusable personal cups may now be used for online and drive-thru drink orders from the chain, opening up the option to use your tumblers and cold cups for all types of visits. Customers who bring their own reusable cup will get $0.10 off their order, and Starbucks Rewards members will also receive an additional 25 bonus stars. For anyone who is wild about Starbucks, that's an impressive extra benefit for something you probably already wanted to do anyway.