For Rich And Creamy Vegan Ice Cream, Consider Adding Tofu

A satisfying sweet treat needn't include dairy. To make a quick, delicious dessert that is friendly to the vegans sitting at your dining room table, reach for tofu. Blending silken or soft tofu varieties with your choice of flavors — think fruits, nuts butter, cocoa, or cookie bits — and preferred milk alternatives can yield a cold treat that can be enjoyed as a standalone dish or served on top of desserts like vegan brownies or pies. Using smooth tofu in your at-home ice cream-making attempts will result in a creamy, soft treat that can be customized to your liking, and you can sweeten your creations with agave syrup or vanilla extract before placing them into an ice maker or freezer to set.

When shopping at the store, pay close attention to the labels on tofu packages. Silken tofu will give you the creamiest, smoothest blends for your at-home ice cream-making attempts. Though medium and firm tofu blocks can also be tossed into a blender, the result won't be as velvety or smooth as a mixture made with silken tofu.

A sweet treat for all dietary preferences

You'll notice that the texture of your vegan-friendly ice cream will change depending on the other ingredients you include in your ice cream mixture. Additions of coconut cream or cashew milk can result in a smoother bite, and fruits like bananas and mangos can help create a creamier texture. Since silken tofu products contain more moisture than other tofu varieties, watch your ice cream blends carefully before adding more liquid. Whether you have an ice cream maker or are putting your freezer to work, the longer you leave your vegan ice cream to chill, the harder the ice cream will become. Adjust accordingly to your liking.

Once you've mastered the basic recipe using tofu, plant-based milk, and sweeteners, you can go wild in your kitchen experimenting with flavorful icy creations. Just like a traditional creamy serving of milk-based ice cream, vegan-friendly ice cream recipes can be topped with carob chips, syrups, sauces, and sprinkles to build the dishes your dairy-free dessert dreams are made of.