A Dash Of Semolina Is Gordon Ramsay's Secret To Crispier Roast Potatoes

If there's any celebrity chef out there who would know how to do a proper roast-inspired potato, it's chef Gordon Ramsay. The hallmarks of a good Sunday roast potato are a tender, fluffy interior and an addictively crispy exterior. Gordon Ramsay achieves this delectable texture by using a secret ingredient: semolina. Semolina is a type of flour that is made from durum wheat. It is traditionally used to make pasta dough due to its high levels of gluten in the flour. It is a bright yellow color and feels coarser than other flours.

The semolina not only creates a delectable crunch on the skin of the potatoes, but it also absorbs the excess moisture from the potatoes as they cook, so you won't have to worry about your potatoes getting a gummy, watery texture on the inside. Instead, it leaves behind a light, airy texture that's perfect as a side dish for your next roast. Semolina flour is also described as having a light, nutty flavor to it. When used for roast potatoes, this gentle, nutty flavor brings a subtle warmth to the dish and pairs excellently with any herbs you may use on the potatoes.

How to add semolina to your next roast potatoes

You don't need a ton of semolina to achieve the same results as Gordon Ramsay. In his recipe, he only sprinkles a couple of tablespoons across the potatoes. You can mix your semolina with whatever spices are going on your potatoes for an easier, more cohesive mixture. A good tip for mixing your potatoes with your spice blend is to do it after you've drained your parboiled potatoes. While your potatoes are still in the colander, add your spice blend and toss them in the colander. This does two things: It evenly distributes your spices and creates a rough texture on the potatoes that will give you crispier skin when you roast them.

You can find semolina flour at most local grocery stores or specialty Italian markets. You don't have to be too concerned about the brand of semolina you use. Semolina is a great pantry staple to have, whether you're trying your hand at making homemade pasta or making a semolina-based pudding, having a small supply of semolina will allow you to expand your cooking ability in an easy, and accessible way.