Use 2 Types Of Sugar For Brownies With A Perfect Crust

If you're looking to take gooey, moist brownies with papery, crunchy crowns out of your oven, more is more when it comes to sugar. Low-sugar desserts may be en vogue, but baking recipes usually shouldn't be messed with, and skipping out on the proper amount of sugar can lead to disappointingly limp and dry brownies. For tender, chewy brownies with a crisp surface that is nearly impossible to resist, reach for both brown sugar and white granulated sugar, and don't be stingy. 

Though many brownie recipes call for "regular" granulated sugar, a half cup of brown sugar in your next batch can be a game-changer. The combination of the two sugars will deliver a crinkly crust that gives way to a sweet, moist layer below. While brown sugar can certainly impart a subtle caramel and toffee-like flavor to your brownie batch, this ingredient also brings extra moisture to your recipe, due in part to the molasses used to create the product. 

A double dose of sweetness

When combined with more traditional cups of granulated sugar, brown sugar serves as a flavorful powerhouse that absorbs and retains the moisture in brownie batter. The way that the sugar holds onto moisture protects against dryness and boosts the softness of your sweets, while also contributing to a perfect top layer. This results in crispy-topped, fudgy brownies that deliver on both texture and taste, with no dryness. Notably, dark brown sugar will impart a stronger caramel flavor, as it contains more molasses compared to light brown sugar.

As you mix the two types of sugars with vanilla and eggs in your batter, watch the texture and color of the combination of ingredients. If you prefer the taste of a fudgy, more decadent brownie recipe, the mixing step should take no longer than 5 minutes. For those of us who like a treat that's more light and cakey in texture, whip the sugary, eggy blend until it becomes lighter in color and thicker in consistency before adding the other brownie ingredients, then baking.

You'll be pleased with the papery, wrinkled topping of your brownies as you set them on a wire rack to cool. To add an extra touch of sweetness to your finished treat, dust a light sprinkling of powdered sugar on top of your creations, or add a crunchy bite with flakes of sea salt.