The Secret To Korean Dakjuk Is Mincing Veggies To The Size Of Rice

Warm, comforting dakjuk is a crowd-pleasing dish that can brighten cold afternoons or deliver a satisfying meal at the end of a trying day. Traditionally made with boneless chicken breast and rice, pots of this simply made porridge can also include vegetables to yield a recipe that can keep bellies full as well as benefit immune systems. Though the mildly spiced recipe was originally meant for those feeling unwell, the dish has frequently found its way into the mouths of those yearning for a home-cooked meal that offers a major serving of comfort.

Whether you've picked up carrots or zucchini from the store, creating a porridge-like texture is a key aspect of nailing this recipe. Chopping vegetables in sizes that match rice grains can result in a recipe that can be easily scooped up and served. While filled bowls can be garnished with larger pieces of chopped vegetables, shredded chicken, or sesame seeds, the brothy, savory dish is ideally smooth and thick and delivers a consistent texture by the mouthful.

Serving up comfort in a bowl

Prep work is key to placing bowls on the dinner table with ease, and taking the time to soak rice and finely mince the vegetables you're using can help make kitchen tasks more efficient. Flavored with stock and simmered for close to an hour, the mixture of chopped vegetables and rice grains will soften and swell. Consider using a pressure cooker to reduce overall cooking time, and you can adjust the thickness of the recipe by adding more broth or water. 

Chefs often flavor dakjuk with nuts, beef, mushrooms, or pumpkin, and while you can inject some spicy ingredients as well, the overall taste of this dish generally lacks the heat that other Korean recipes tend to offer. Since dakjuk can take some time to make, make a large batch and store leftovers in your fridge. When placed in an air-tight container, prepared dakjuk can be kept for close to one week and reheated to serve throughout the week, so you can scoop up bowls of comfort whenever the craving strikes.