Weinschorle Is The German Wine Spritzer That Requires Only 2 Ingredients

In terms of refreshment, few drinks can compare to a spritzer. An aromatic alcoholic base then diluted with carbonated water creates the ideal combination for a thirst-quenching sipping. Plus, it can be crafted as a low-alcoholic drink when the utilized booze isn't a spirit. For such a rendition from Central Europe, consider preparing a German Weinschorle, a type of wine spritzer.

The drink only employs two ingredients: white wine and carbonated water. A dry or semi-dry white wine expression is recommended. It's then mixed in varying deviations, stemming from one part wine to water. It's all about customizing the ideal balance, which depends on the booze employed. For a taste faithful to its place of origin, consider a German wine like Reisling or Pinot Gris. And experiment with varying flavors — not all will be tastier when diluted into a glass. However, when pulled off properly, a Weinschorle presents floral flavors that delight the taste buds.

The Weinschorle mixes white wine with carbonated water

Spritzes are beloved in Germany, both in alcoholic and non-alcoholic form. Many are sold pre-bottled, including renditions of Weinschorle, which often employ domestic German grapes. However, crafting one at home allows for ultimate malleability — there are many possibilities for upgrade. Amplifying the acidity is a common move, whether through lemon or lime garnishes or even powdered citrus flavoring. Others may consider adding a touch of syrup or mint leaves, pushing the drink into Hugo Spritz territory. Regardless of the utilized ingredients, the liquids must be kept icy cold to enable drinkability.

And once the white wine variant is perfected, consider integrating red wine or rosé instead. With its simple two-ingredient backbone, there's an extensive array of possibilities. Just invest in a tasty wine — a flavorful spritz won't come together with an off-tasting exemplar. Served in a tall wine glass, it's the ideal drink to entertain a summer crowd.