Freeze A Cube Of Coconut Water To Deliciously Cool Rum

There's no wrong way to enjoy a single measure of good rum. You can have it straight, mix it with water or cocktails, or savor it on the rocks with ice. The latter option is perfect for newcomers or those seeking a milder taste, as it tempers the sharpness while letting you relish the sweet, nectar-like flavor without an overwhelming alcohol punch.

However, there's a reason why lots of folks recommend using whiskey stones instead of regular ice when enjoying rum on the rocks. Accidentally adding too much water can dilute the unique flavors and nuances within the rum (especially the pricy kinds,) and it's hard to get the balance just right when you're dealing with varying-size ice cubes. But instead of whiskey stones, here's an idea: coconut water ice cubes!

Made from coconut water instead of plain water, these ice cubes won't dilute the rum's flavors as they melt. Instead, they'll enhance the taste of the liquor with a hint of coconut, giving neat rum a rather tasty and tropical coconut twist. They're incredibly easy to make. Simply get some fresh coconut water — the fresher, the better — and pour it into a large whiskey ice cube mold. Pop them in the freezer, and in a couple of hours, you'll get a trayful of coconut water ice cubes ready to go. Drop one into a neat measure of rum, sit back, and enjoy your rum on the rocks!

Besides rum on the rocks, coconut water ice cubes are also great for tropical cocktails!

These special ice cubes aren't limited to just rum on the rocks; they're a perfect addition to a wide range of tropical cocktails! Let's start with the classic daiquiri. It's a simple blend of rum, lime, and sugar, but you can elevate it by incorporating coconut cream and a few coconut water ice cubes while blending. The result is a sweet, nutty, and undeniably tropical creation that evokes the essence of a Caribbean sunset. It's perfect for sipping whether you're lounging on a palm-lined beach or enjoying it at your kitchen island.

These versatile ice cubes can also enhance a variety of chilled or blended tropical cocktails that feature rum. Take the Caribeño, for example, which already includes coconut water as a core ingredient. Adding coconut water ice cubes doesn't dilute the taste; instead, it'll amplify the drink's signature equatorial flavor and give you a drink with a far more pronounced taste.

But while these coconut ice cubes work best in rum-based drinks, they can work with other liquors, too. If you're a tequila enthusiast, consider fortifying a coconut margarita with these cubes. They'll introduce a smooth, robust coconut essence that will bring this classic cocktail to a whole new level. And for an extra creamy touch, try adding coconut cream to the coconut water before freezing the cubes.