The French Connection Cocktail Only Mixes 2 Simple Ingredients

Those of us who aspire to make delicious, sophisticated cocktails at home have likely encountered some pitfalls, such as trying to track down obscure, expensive ingredients, only to have those bottles languish on the shelf after appearing in just a single cocktail. Fortunately, the French Connection isn't one of those recipes.

Not only does the French Connection consist of a mere two ingredients — cognac and amaretto — but the technique is also absolutely foolproof, with no fancy bartender tricks required. While you can customize the proportions of the French Connection to suit your preferences, recommends adding 1.5 ounces of cognac and 1 ounce of amaretto to a rocks glass with ice, then stirring to combine. The resulting cocktail is boozy, complex, and ideal for after dinner. The fruity, oak-aged nuances of cognac, paired with the nutty almond-infused cordial, deliver a satisfying richness and classic cocktail elegance that's swanky enough for a dinner party and simple enough to prepare for any random weeknight. But there's an additional benefit to the French Connection beyond its short ingredient list and simple technique.

Cognac and amaretto belong in every home bar

Both cognac and amaretto are more versatile additions to your bar and kitchen than you might think. Cognac swaps into any recipe — whether for bar or kitchen — that calls for brandy. So, if you're bumping up the proof of your homemade sangria or eggnog, reach for the cognac. It also features as the secret ingredient in a richly flavored beef stroganoff.

Amaretto, too, is delicious with a broader range of mixers than you might expect, its almond-laden sweetness a lovely foil for cranberry juice, ginger ale, and lemon juice, among others. Amaretto also brings a heavenly hint of flavor to baking; a splash added to French toast, bread pudding, or even plain old chocolate chip cookies enhances ordinary recipes with the richness of almond flavors. And a little amaretto in a cup of decaf coffee is a simple, delicious nightcap after a meal. 

While some cocktail recipes might fill out your bar with the spirits equivalent of a one-trick pony, the French Connection puts two workhorses — cognac and amaretto — in your kitchen and bar.