For Big-Batch Caesar Salad, Go With Charred Romaine Halves

Salads can be difficult to perfect, especially when entertaining large crowds. Attaining a tasty rendition is doable, but crafting a vegetable side with a flair requires more ingenuity. So, to introduce a new spark to a Caesar salad, consider throwing the lettuce halves on the grill. Romaine lettuce will delectably hold up to a short heating time, infusing with a touch of smoke flavor and palatable wilting. Additionally, the leaves can be covered with a dressing and a sprinkling of parmesan before heating, which further melds together all components. Who wouldn't want a touch of melted cheese on their lettuce?

Firing up the grill also allows the crisping of other components, like bread or even some grilled chicken, which will turn the salad into a heartier affair. So, let's dive into the specifics of a charred Caesar — it's a captivating salad-making technique to add to the repertoire.

Charring romaine halves infuses a Ceasar salad with tasty flavor and texture

Like with other salads, considering the ingredients and dressing utilized is paramount to nailing the technique. Romaine is the Ceasar salad's go-to lettuce, and it's best to stick with such a choice. The leaf does well when grilled — in texture and flavor — and it's also the perfect vessel for a tasty dressing.

Then there's the dressing, perhaps the most critical component of the Ceasar. Its utilized components and serving technique will both impact the result. The classic anchovy and egg yolk-based sauce goes well with the grilled version, perhaps brightened with tangy vinaigrette. However, those who prefer their dressing less pungent can reach for mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce. Either way, it's about the grilling that introduces a tasty flare. The romaine hearts are sliced in half, and the flat section is heated for two to five minutes until a char appears. Consider serving the salad without slicing, revealing the beauty of the burnt marks between dressing and croutons. What better way to spruce up a beloved classic?