A Simple Swirl Of Pesto Enhances The Flavor Of Canned Tomato Soup

Tomato soup may be the perfect cold weather meal. It is hearty, warming, nutritious, and versatile. There are so many fantastic recipes for homemade tomato soup as well. Sometimes, however, you don't have the time, energy, or desire to cook. That's when you reach for the canned stuff. Luckily, canned soup doesn't have to be a step down if you know how to elevate it. For more sophisticated store-bought soup, we recommend adding just one thing: pesto.

For such a simple condiment, pesto is a flavor powerhouse. Packed with basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, and cheese, it delivers sweet, savory, rich, and vegetal notes all in perfect harmony. This makes it an excellent tool for amping up dishes that lack flavor or ones that need a little bit of balance, like an overly acidic or bland canned tomato soup. Just a spoonful of pesto has enough complexity to intrigue your palate and save your dish. In addition, pesto can serve to improve the texture of thin, watery soup by introducing a little extra fat, making the soup a bit thicker and creamier.

Other pesto pairings to enhance your meal

For maximum convenience, you may wish to buy pesto in a jar, in which case you can find many suitable options at your local grocery. Making fresh pesto is extremely quick, though, and produces far more impressive results, so we recommend trying it if you feel so inclined. Once ready, all you need to do is throw a tablespoon or two into your next bowl of canned tomato soup and enjoy.

You can incorporate the pesto into other elevating aspects of your meal for an even more gourmet treat. For example, slather it inside your accompanying grilled cheese sandwich for some indulgent dipping. Alternatively, use it to season soup crackers or croutons, or dilute it with your favorite extra virgin olive oil to create a fancy finishing oil — that way, even your canned soup will feel like it just came out of the kitchen of a fine dining restaurant.