The Reason You Should Give Generic Almond Milk A Chance

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With a rapid increase in veganism over the last few years, it's only natural that sales of plant-based milk alternatives would follow suit. In 2021 alone, almond milk sales totaled over seven billion dollars — a number that's projected to continue to grow. In fact, the National Consumer Panel concluded in 2021 that plant-based milk was responsible for 15% of all milk sales — but with almond milk's average price hovering around 87% more expensive than cow's milk, we have to wonder: Does generic versus name brand almond milk really matter?

In 2022, Tasting Table conducted a test on 16 almond milk brands, ranked worst to best. Coming in the bottom two were Blue Diamond Almond Breeze and SO Delicious — name-brand almond milk products. On the other hand, Walmart's Great Value was ranked in the top eight, while Target's Good & Gather landed the number two spot for best almond milk on the market.

So, what can we take away from these rankings? While none of the almond milks on the list were reported as bad or undrinkable, some of the name brands had textures and flavors that were a bit off or simply boring. Meanwhile, Great Value almond milk was noted as having a great consistency, no unpleasant aftertaste, and a sweetened version that makes a great alternative to the regular rendition. Likewise, Good & Gather was described by a Target customer as "rich, creamy, and flavorful."

Generic and name-brand almond milks have similar ingredients

When it comes to food, we're all about the saying "You get what you pay for." There are simply some foods you should never buy generic. But when we're talking about almond milk, it appears as if even the generic brands stick to healthy ingredients without extra additives.

The ingredients in Walmart's almond milk are listed as almonds, filtered water, calcium, potassium, and various thickeners and vitamins. Target's brand essentially shares the exact same recipe, give or take a few alternatives. If you peruse the label on any name-brand almond milk, you'll discover these very ingredients, meaning that in this case, you really are getting the same thing for a fraction of the price.

What matters the most here, aside from ingredients, is the consistency and taste of the product. Sitting at our number two spot for best almond milk on the market, Target's Good & Gather certainly did not lack in the flavor and texture department — it actually outdid over a dozen other almond milks. So, next time you're shopping for a new go-to almond milk brand, set the labels aside and let the taste do the talking.