Tasting Table Asks: What's Your Go-To Almond Milk Brand? - Exclusive Survey

Whether you follow a vegan diet, let your sustainability flag fly, are lactose intolerant, or simply enjoy the nutty taste, there's a good chance that almond milk is on your regular grocery list. The last few years launched plant-based milk sales into a new echelon of consumer popularity, reports The Food Institute. Almond milk sales totaled $1.5 billion in 2021, topping oat, soy, and coconut milk sales by a long shot. According to data analytics platform Statista, almond milk is the most popular type of plant milk amongst U.S. consumers, who spend more than $3 billion on milk alternatives every single year.

During just three months in 2021, almond milk alone accounted for $344 million of that total. Strategic Market Research predicts the global plant milk market to hit over $123.1 billion by 2030, via Yahoo! Finance, an especially impressive figure compared to the $35 billion estimated just last year. Fans have spoken, and almond milk is here to stay. Plus, just one cup packs 110% of the recommended daily value for Vitamin E at only 39 calories, says Healthline, so it's a good idea to drink up anyway.

That's why we asked 601 Tasting Table readers about their plant-based drink preferences to find out, once and for all, what is the most popular go-to almond milk brand — and the results are in.

Silk takes the top spot

The least favorite brand of almond milk in our survey was Elmhurst, with 1.33% of the vote. It typically comes packaged in smaller 32-ounce bottles, so perhaps our readers prefer to buy their almond milk in bulk or don't have to share a refrigerator with three or four roommates. Next up, 3.83% of readers said they think SO Delicious almond milk lives up to its name and listed it as their go-to brand. 

Califia Farms drew 7.49% of the vote. For foodies who want to experiment with avant-garde milk-based bevies (like this Unicorn Milk infused with rose and cardamom), Califia Farms could be a good fit with different flavors like vanilla and toasted coconut. 15.64% of voters named Simply Almond Milk as their favorite, and 28.79% said Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is their M.O.

Without further ado, garnering nearly half the vote, far and away the most popular go-to almond milk brand is Silk. 42.93% of our readers said that when grocery day rolls around, they're keeping their eyes peeled for the Silk label.