Give Stuffed French Toast A Uniquely Creamy Lift With Red Bean Paste

Adzuki beans can be mashed into a smooth, creamy paste that is sweetened with sugar and used to flavor mooncakes and mochi. Yet the sweet, earthy flavor of red bean paste needn't be reserved for dessert recipes. Invite the filling that is often used for pastries and bread into your morning meal by introducing the ingredient to your favorite French toast recipes. 

Red bean paste can be easily made at home with sugar and beans that have been simmered, cooled, and blended. While the texture, appearance, and taste of the paste can vary — some chefs add peanut oil, coconut oil, or kansui — the creamy spread can enhance basic servings of French toast. Whether you pipe the paste directly into slices of thick, fluffy Challah bread or simply spread a layer on top of your golden pieces of cinnamon-topped toast, adding this earthy element to your breakfast and brunch plates can bring a sense of harmony to your table. 

Keep breakfast interesting with an unexpected addition

Slicing into red bean paste toast can bring a whimsical surprise to the start of your day, and the dish can be adjusted to suit your preferences for sweet and savory meals. While red bean paste can be directly pushed into bread using a spoon, the ingredient can also be mixed with cream cheese and a touch of salt to pipe into pieces for a sweeter mouthful. You can also experiment with mixing the red bean paste with mascarpone cheese for a decadently creamy dish. Just like making traditional French toast recipes, these custard-dipped bread slices can be cooked to golden perfection in a buttery skillet.

If you aren't keen to pack toast directly with the spread, layer stacks of toast with the paste or top your plated French toast dish with a thin spread of red bean paste for an aesthetic finish. Dress up red-bean-paste-enhanced plates with powdered sugar and maple syrup for a dessert-like approach to breakfast that will leave you wondering how else you can incorporate this creamy ingredient into your meals.