For Vegetarian Meatballs That Burst With Savory Flavors, Beetroot Is The Answer

Thanks to the many meat substitutes out there nowadays, vegetarians are free to indulge in everything from burgers to bacon and more. Another dish that vegetarians can add to their weekly dinner lineup? "Meatballs."

Specifically, Tasting Table has a recipe for vegan beet and black bean "meatballs," developed by Annabelle Randles, that is to die for. The secret to these meatballs is the beetroot, which is the key to getting a texture that is tender and juicy — just like real beef meatballs would be. Plus, the beetroot contributes a burst of flavor, with its notes of earthiness and sweetness. Mixed with the spices — such as paprika and garlic powder — you'll have a meatball that tastes both complex and delicious.

These "meatballs" come together in less than an hour — and, on the outside, look nearly identical to the real thing. Of course, the taste is going to be a bit different, but don't let that stop you from integrating these black bean and beetroot meatballs into a plethora of meals.

How to serve the vegetarian meatballs

You'd be remiss if you didn't use the vegetarian meatballs to whip up a comforting bowl of spaghetti and meatballs; with the black bean and beetroot meatballs, vegetarians don't have to miss out on the classic dish. But the possibilities of vegan meatballs don't end there.

For example, there are also quite a few soup recipes out there that call for the addition of meatballs, including Tasting Table's rustic Italian wedding soup recipe; you can replace the traditional meatballs for the "meatballs" (and replace the chicken stock with vegetable stock) to make it vegetarian friendly. Or maybe you want to make a vegetarian batch of Albondigas (Mexican meatball) soup. The vegetarian meatballs can even work well all on their own, for a potential appetizer, especially if you pair them with a tasty sauce. A classic marinara sauce or a bright and fresh pesto are both good options.