The Easy Way To Prevent Jell-O Shots From Sticking To The Plastic Cups

Nothing says it's a party like Jell-O shots, but if you want to unleash your post-college knowledge and properly use that degree, you are going to want to prove to your family and friends you've mastered the basics of this sweet grown-up staple. That wisdom starts with making sure the Jell-O doesn't stick to the sides of the plastic cup, and all you need is a little vegetable oil or non-stick cooking spray to demonstrate your prowess. 

How does it work? The next time you are adulting and making pistachio-amaretto Jell-O shots or some other artisanal version of these babies, lightly spray the sides of the cup with a flavorless, non-stick cooking oil — save the butter and olive oil for making pancakes or eggs — or take a little vegetable oil on your clean fingers and rub the sides of the wall with this grease. This will ensure your boozy Jell-O slips right out of the cup when you squeeze it into your mouth. And if you are worried that the oil will compromise the taste or flavor of your shots, don't. Both the spray and vegetable oil are neutral in taste and should not impart any new elements to your boozy treats.

Best squeeze

The type of oil you use to grease your cups is important because it needs to match the neutrality of the alcohol you use. While you can use whatever booze you want, vodka is generally a go-to because its flavor profile is so subtle, it's like it doesn't have one. The combination of a flavorless alcohol and neutral oil is the perfect combination to allow the sweet, sugary flavor of the Jell-O to shine through.

If you are curious about which plastic cups to use for your Jell-O shots, that is a point of personal preference and where and when you plan on using them. Little condiment cups that come with lids will ensure your precious Jell-O shots stay put if you are transporting them or if you decide to make them in advance and store them in the fridge. However, if storage isn't an issue, the only thing that matters is that you can squeeze the cup to release the Jell-O so you can slurp it up.