Pickled Lettuce Gives An Extra Tang To Any Sandwich

When it comes to sandwich making, a lot of thought is put into the type of bread, cheese, meat, and even the condiments you will use; however, when you add the lettuce, it's really an afterthought. Having a little green in your handheld meal makes you feel good, but it really is just a matter of what you have in the crisper drawer. Well, that mindset is going to change once you try pickling your lettuce. 

Pickling your leafy greens may not be on your radar, but doing so can add both sweet and tangy notes to your sandwich, making the payoff of that first bite and each one after worth the extra work. There's definitely room for preference with this addition. You can pickle whole leaves of butterhead or romaine or you can shred your head of iceberg to create a more flavorful bite. 

Once you choose your lettuce, it's all about the brine. In fact, creating the flavor profile for this solution is half the fun. It starts with a warmed vinegar which serves as your canvas. You can create a simple spicy solution with Italian undertones by adding crushed red pepper, oregano, and garlic that you will pour over clean leaves, or if you prefer something a little sweeter, add a little sugar, dill, basil, and lemon for a sweet taste to this acidic liquid.    

Wait for the brine to cool

Before you begin to wonder if you need to pickle your lettuce days in advance to enjoy it on your sandwich, wonder no more. It's not necessarily a long soak. You can pour the solution directly over your lettuce and use it immediately, or you can let it bathe in the brine for a couple of days to create a deeper flavor. If you pour a warm pickling solution over the lettuce, it will cause it to lose some of the crunch. It will still taste yummy, but it is better to wait and allow it to reach room temperature before you give it a bath.

Store your pickled lettuce for up to a week in an airtight container. If you are worried that you will not be able to eat enough sandwiches to use it up, don't fret. You can also use it on your tacos, burritos, in a salad, or to top off your next plate of nachos with a little bit of sweet and savory pickled lettuce for an added zip for the taste buds.