Bicerin Is The Chocolate And Coffee Drink You Need To Know About

Can't choose between a soothing cup of hot chocolate and a jolting order of coffee? Bicerin is here to make your ordering decisions a bit easier. The Turinese beverage combines both flavors to serve up comforting mugs of chocolate and caffeinated deliciousness. The only problem is that the exact recipe to make bicerin is a secret, but we do know that a quality serving offers three layers of three different temperatures of ingredients: Coffee, cocoa, and frothed milk poured into a glass. 

The name bicerin is a Piedmontese word meaning "small glass." The origins of the recipe can be traced to the 18th century when the drink would be served somewhat cheaply in small glasses so that the general public could afford to experience the drink. These mini-orders are thought to be derivatives of another popular drink at the time, bavareisa, a beverage accessible mostly to the upper class and presented in much larger goblets. 

When bicerin was served in the 18th and 19th century, an assortment of cookies was often enjoyed along with the drink and dunked into the drink to eat. Not much has changed.

A layered drink in both appearance and taste

Those working to prepare bicerin must work strategically, making both coffee and chocolate at once so both drinks can be added to a glass and topped with layers of frothy milk. It can be helpful to employ some bartending techniques by using a spoon to pour hot chocolate into cups after adding the coffee to the glass. To preserve each distinct layer, using a spoon to float the hot chocolate can result in smoother, cleaner pours, and the denser chocolate mixture will drip to the bottom. At last, a frothy milky topping will make up one-third of the drink — a foamy crown on top of the cup of decadence if you will. Though the finished drink may look similar to an Irish coffee, this order is alcohol-free.

As tempting as it might be to stir the drink before sipping, a cup of bicerin should be enjoyed as is — in layers, as sippers are meant to experience each prepared ingredient separately. When served with biscotti or an almond hazelnut cake, this satisfying order is truly a taste of la dolce vita.