Give Buffalo Chicken Dip An Extra Pop Of Flavor And Color With Green Onion

Creamy Buffalo chicken dip, a Tasting Table recipe developed by Melissa Olivieri, is an easy and delicious snack to whip up as an appetizer for a dinner party or simply because you're in the mood. A take on Buffalo chicken wings, the dip consists of cream cheese, cheddar, ranch, and Buffalo wing sauce. Additionally, the dip contains shredded pieces of chicken which makes it more filling and satisfying — and it's a way to eat Buffalo wings without getting your hands sticky from the delicious-yet-messy sauce. Not only does the dish taste great, but it also has a bright and pleasing look to it, topped with a drizzle of more ranch as well as a pop of color in the form of green onions.

The green color matches the celery that the dip is served with — just like the orange color of the dip matches the carrots that are served with the dish — making for one aesthetically pleasing appetizer that will surely impress your guests. Along with providing an eye-catching color, Olivier explains that they also provide more texture and flavor to the Buffalo chicken dip, which can make the difference between a good dip and a great dip.

How to further upgrade the Buffalo chicken dip with green onion

If you're excited about the idea of the Buffalo chicken dip with a green onion topping, then you may be wondering about how ways to get the most out of the dish. Well, one ingredient that is often paired with green onion is potatoes, so one way to upgrade this dish is to play around with the integration of potatoes (which are so versatile that you have countless options for integrating them). For example, maybe you decide to whip up a batch of tater tots or thick-cut fries to use as the dipping vessel. Or, maybe you want to tear apart the tater tots or fries and add them directly to the dip. 

Another dipping vessel that pairs well with green onion is cauliflower. Whether you decide to use it raw or grill the cauliflower, it will taste delicious with the creamy chicken dip — after all, cauliflower is frequently used as a chicken replacement for vegetarian wings, so we already know it works well with Buffalo sauce and ranch. You could even make a batch of homemade savory scones (perhaps cheddar jalapeño scones) — a pastry that is no stranger to including green onions — to use for dipping; the flaky, buttery scones with sop up the dip beautifully and are certainly thick enough to pick up the thick, creamy dip.