The Lamborghini Winery That's Been Operating Since 1968

From the time we were young children, most of us were familiar with the word Lamborghini. Memories of our kindergarten peers voicing the familiar "vroom vroom," miniature toy car in hand, are embedded in the back of our minds. While Lamborghini almost immediately launches our thoughts toward the embodiment of a pristine luxury vehicle, many are surprised to find out that the iconic sports car brand has its toes dipped in the fabulous world of Italian wine.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was known for his creative eye and strong artistic taste, hence his machinery's groundbreaking designs. When it came time for him to retire, a piece of land nestled between Panicale; a medieval village in Umbria, Italy, and Lago Trasimeno; situated near Tuscany, captured his attention and heart. The picturesque landscape of lush hills brought him back to his childhood beginnings of farming so he purchased the property in the 1960s. His keen sense of aesthetics calculated the mappings of a winery and he began the cultivation of grapes.

Lamborghini teamed up with legendary winemaker Giorgio Grai to initiate craftings of his first wine, "Sangue di Miura," or "Blood of the Bull." His ambitions soon shifted towards a new golf course. When Patrizia Lamborghini; the mogul's daughter, acquired management of the estate in the 1990s, she set out to expand and fortify the winery. Now, the vineyards extend beyond 70 acres and Patrizia expresses an unwavering passion for producing some of the best wines to pair with pasta.

Lamborghini wine goes global

Lamborghini Wine has established a presence in countries beyond Italy like the United States, England, and other regions of Europe. In 2023, Patrizia Lamborghini told Hospopreneurs that she wished to carry out her father's legacy to even broader corners of the globe. "From these vines, my father's name lives on," she explained. "I believe he would be so proud to see what we have produced. Already having a presence in America, [the] U.K., and Europe, we are so pleased to be bringing Lamborghini Wine to Australia."

This announcement was exciting news for Australia as the country produces some of the most underrated wine varieties. Some are predicting that Lamborghini Wine is exactly what the spirits industry of the country needs to improve that reputation. Matt Hanson, exclusive importer and distributor of Lamborghini Wines Australia and founder of Bon Vivant Globa, says he believes the wine will bring new ranges never before seen in Australia. For example, Campoleone, the brand's most well-known wine, is a Sangiovese and Merlot fusion crafted from trace amounts of Lamborghini's 1970s grape vines. The bold notes of coffee, tobacco, and chocolate are achieved through malolactic fermentation in French barriques followed by extended periods of barrel and bottle aging.