Angie Mar's Le B. Restaurant Only Serves 9 Burgers A Night

Less can be more, especially when it comes to the number of burgers served at New York City's Le B. restaurant. Angie Mar's establishment offers dry-aged burgers topped with onions that have been caramelized in red wine but there's a catch: only nine of these dishes are made each evening and the order is only available at the bar. If you're wondering why more of these juicy burgers aren't pumped out each evening, it's all about the quality that has made Mar famous. Mar is the innovative mind behind a Peking duck that is lit on fire, for instance. For these burgers, the onions the restaurant uses for its burgers are caramelized for eight hours. Also, the meat is dry-aged and custom-made from a beef blend made up of mostly ribeye steak, similar to the cut that is part of Mar's surf and turf recipe. "The dry aging process really is a process of removing the water weight from beef," Mar explains to Righteous Eats. The result is a concentrated mouthful of flavors and a burger that is both tender, juicy, and flavorful when served sandwiched between a freshly toasted brioche bun.

The coveted burger recipe has been perfected by Mar, who first began aging burgers at The Beatrice Inn. Though the Beatrice Inn has since closed, the burger lives on at Le B. much to the delight of many burger-craving New Yorkers.

Satisfy meat cravings in New York City

Should you miss out on securing one of the limited burger orders, the menu at Le B. offers plenty of drinks and other meat-forward dishes to satisfy animalistic cravings. From pâtés made with duck and pork to courses of rabbit, tuna, veal, wagyu, and goose, eager visitors should have no problem biting into decadent luxury and leaving the premises fully content.

This classy supper-club-like environment borrows from old-school New York, a proper homage to Angie Mar's The Beatrice Inn where 45-day dry-aged burgers originally made her a name. If you're hoping to place several burger orders at Le B. to take home and share with your friends, you're out of luck: Only one can be ordered per seat. Don't bother trying to make a reservation, either. These prized burgers are for walk-ins only. Though it is a bit of a gamble, if luck should be on your side, you won't easily forget this meal.