Persian Feta Is The Richly Infused Cheese You Need To Try

When it comes to feta, the Greek version of the cheese is typically the most well-known version of the crumbly white block. This is largely due to the European Union's strict origin regulations, which only allows renditions made with traditional methods and crafted in certain areas of Greece to be sold under the feta moniker. 

However, that doesn't mean other cultures don't craft similar cheeses, propped up by unique regional traditions. Exemplars of feta from Bulgaria are known for their salty and creamy nature, while French feta is the mildest of international varieties.

Another style is Persian feta, enjoyed in Iran, where brined cheeses are popular. This style is made from cow's milk and is marinated in an olive oil infused with spices. The style still retains a pleasantly salty palate, all the while turning extra tender due to the oil marination. Its fragrant flavor is ideal for additional cooking applications or can be simply enjoyed on its own for a highly aromatic, melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Persian feta offers a creamy consistency with aromatic flavors

As opposed to other varieties, Persian feta is all about the extra step of oil marination when the traditional cow's milk cheese is deposited into a vessel with olive oil and mixed with an array of aromatics. Such a method not only integrates new flavors into the mix, but also elongates the cheese's shelf-life. Bay leaf, thyme, rosemary, and garlic are especially popular components, but the possibilities are wide-ranging. 

Some makers prefer to integrate spicy chilies, while others add fragrant sun-dried tomatoes and lemon peel for unique tastes. To meld all the flavors together, the cheese is stored for up to a week before consuming.

Persian feta's herbal palate is delicious when consumed on its own, however, it also aligns in many cooking applications. It works well with salads, in stews, or atop roasted vegetables. The cheese can be a filling in ravioli or garnished atop tarts and other baked goods as well. Its tangy and flavorful character melds with a large variety of applications.