Milk Powder Is A Key Ingredient In Jacques Torres' Iconic Hot Chocolate

Some recipes are too good to not try to replicate at home. Such is the case with the hot chocolate served by Jacques Torres. The pastry chef and chocolatier has managed to pour perfectly textured and decadent cups of cocoa for more than a decade. When Torres offers advice on the best ways to make a satisfying cup, we're listening. 

For those who are craving silky chocolatey sweetness and don't have cocoa mix stocked in the cupboard, it's time to set out to make a decadently creamy drink from scratch. Just don't forget the powdered milk. As detailed on his website, Torres reveals that adding powdered milk and cornstarch to a saucepan of boiling milk invites a thick, smooth texture to your hot chocolate recipes. When matched with high-quality dark chocolate, a sip of this chocolate treat can brighten even the darkest of winter days. Use this base recipe to bring your flavor preferences into the mix, with vanilla extract, melted peppermint candies, or pinches of powdery spices like allspice, cinnamon, ancho chile powder, or chipotle chile powder ready to play on your palate.

When texture makes the difference

As told to Brit + Co, Torres' hot chocolate took some coaxing to get Americans on board with the French-style recipe. "When I decided to make it in New York, nobody wanted it," he explained. "I started to put it in small cups and I'd give it away for free." Once a skeptical sipper experienced the drink, however, conversion was quick. "People would say, 'It tastes like melted chocolate. It's so good!'" he recalled.

When topped with spoonfuls of homemade whipped cream, this smooth-as-silk chocolate beverage is sure to satisfy all the sweet cravings. Consider serving your warm cups of hot chocolate with fried pastries for a flavor combination that can't easily be topped. If you happen to make extra (doubtful, but not impossible), store the rest of the batch in the fridge to mix into icy smoothies or blend into your breakfast bowl the next day. Worried about nailing the recipe? Torres' offers pre-made chocolate mixes for purchase.