Spice Up Iced Coffee With A Dash Of Campari

Few bitter liqueurs have the iconic recognition of Campari. The Italian aperitivo is ubiquitous in mixology, frequently used in classic cocktails like the negroni or Boulevardier. Yet, past the bitter and sweet notes it brings to boozy pairings, the liqueur is wondrously malleable. It yields a spritz that rivals its more popular Aperol cousin and can even be used in hot, toddy-like drinks.

So try out a riff with a caffeinating buzz and mix it with iced coffee. Pair it in a weaker ratio alongside cold brew — utilizing around one part Campari for six parts cold brew. Add a touch of sugar and a lemon slice for a tangy bite, and a refreshing — yet complex — drink emerges. The perfect pick-me-up for a midday happy hour, Campari brings a bitter, sweet, and herbal nuance to coffee. And it'll meld with ice coffees other than cold brew, co-mingling especially well with more acidic cups. There are even more Campari and coffee pairings, too — let's dive into a few.

Pair Campari with coffee for complex, yet balanced drinks

Campari and coffee's most explored pairing is in a Negroni — after all, the aperitivo is a cornerstone addition to the drink. While many renditions reach for a coffee liqueur to craft such a drink, it's possible to craft it with regular coffee. Some renditions simply add cold brew to the mix of vermouth, gin, and Campari. However, for an even more melded flavor, consider infusing the Campari with coffee grounds, letting the mixture seep for up to twelve hours.

For a drink that's still vermouth-based but has a more refreshing character, consider adding cold brew concentrate into an Americano. Expanded with the addition of carbonated water, such a sling beautifully adds a touch of coffee's acidic and bitter notes into an easily sippable affair. And for a boozier variation with a touch of spice, leave out the club soda and add in an añejo tequila. Such a combination will showcase an incredible depth of all the components involved.