Change Up Your Whiskey Sours With A Scoop Of Marmalade

The whiskey sour is one of the oldest cocktails in mixology, dating back to the mid-19th century. Its combination of acid, sugar, booze, and, often, egg white makes it an especially malleable sling. The drink is open to experimentation, with the use of varying whiskeys as well as citrus, imparting a unique character to each riff.

However, innovating the drink with additional components is a less common occurrence. Some may add maraschino liqueur and bitters for a more complex character. We suggest adding a scoop of marmalade to the mix to create even more vibrant flavors — and a sugary twist. Orange preserves are ideal for the job; their palate melds well with the whiskey and lemon. Plus, it's possible to amplify the bitterness by utilizing a marmalade with some of the rinds mixed in. Or, seek out a jam crafted from less sweet oranges, like the Seville variety often used in British marmalades. With this one simple addition, a whole new possibility of flavor emerges. Let's dive into the details.

Marmalade adds a bright note to whiskey sours

A little marmalade goes a long way: Integrate only 1 teaspoon of this ingredient per drink. The rest of the drink's specs are consistent, with an extra 1 or 2 dashes of bitters to compensate for the additional sugar. While the cocktail still functions beautifully with a liquor like scotch, many bartenders opt for a bourbon base instead. The latter spirit's boozier and bolder flavor melds well with sweeter marmalades. Just don't forget to shake the ingredients dry first to achieve the delectably foamy texture. Vegans can opt for aquafaba to avoid the use of eggs.

With this fruitier — and even a touch tropical, depending on the marmalade you use — cocktail, emphasize your garnish, too. Consider a fresh orange slice to play off the orange marmalade's character, or utilize a maraschino cherry for a dash of color and flavor. If you want to introduce a bit of aromatic oils, consider adding an orange zest garnish on top. Be cautious with making several rounds; this sling goes down with ease.