Stuff Rolled Prosciutto With Arugula For A Simple But Tasty Appetizer

Simplicity can't be beaten when putting together delicious snacks for your next dinner party. If you're short on time, your menu doesn't need to suffer. Wrapping arugula leaves with stripes of prosciutto can be the quick solution your food table needs for moments when presentations are looking a bit sparse. Your guests will be satisfied with the easy-to-grab appetizers, and you can make variations of the recipe to suit a range of dietary preferences.

Whether you keep the offering fresh and light with drizzles of lemon juice and olive oil or add crumbles of goat cheese and sliced figs, these tasty roll-ups can be held in place with a toothpick and fanned out aesthetically onto serving platters. Garnished with flakes of sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, or drops of balsamic, you can set these plates onto tables quickly and return to the kitchen with the confidence of a professional chef.  

Making satisfying dishes in a jiffy

If other recipes are demanding your attention and focus, put your guests to work and hand over the ingredients to make these veggie-packed meat rolls. Since assembly doesn't require too much skill, you can entrust this dish to even your most raucous uncle who has been manning the cocktail bar. 

For an extra burst of flavor, consider including fresh herbs and sprinklings of flavored salt or your DIY everything but the bagel seasoning to keep taste buds as lively as your party. Add a festive touch to the prosciutto roll-ups with colorful pomegranate seeds or create texture with crushed pieces of walnuts or almonds. Double up on heavier fillings with multiple layers of thinly sliced meat, and set out dishes of preserves, parmesan cheese, honey, and extra virgin olive oil for guests to doctor their bites as they see fit. Be warned: You may want to make more of these appetizers than you think you'll need. These tasty snacks will be gobbled up quickly.