Use Garlic Butter To Knock Your Next Reuben Sandwich Out Of The Park

Building a Reuben sandwich is like assembling a flavor-packed masterpiece. With a sturdy rye bread foundation, tangy Russian dressing, thinly sliced corned beef, a heap of sauerkraut for that delightful crunch, and a couple of slices of Swiss cheese, toasting this sandwich is all about the melty goodness. But there's an upgrade to consider: Slather each slice of bread with a dollop of garlic butter before grilling the sandwich. Garlic butter is culinary fairy dust that turns any grilled sandwich into a flavor sensation, and it perfectly ties together all the tangy flavors of a Reuben. 

Garlic butter is an easy addition to your sandwich making, and its sharp savory flavor adds welcome contrast to all the richness in a Reuben. The classic sandwich is full of higher-fat meat, cheese, and sauce, so using garlic on the bread for toasting adds balance to the flavor equation. Garlic also pairs well with the tart, fermented umami flavors in sauerkraut, making this little upgrade to toasting your sandwich a more tasty mouthful all around. Another benefit? The garlicky aroma of the toasted bread adds a mouthwatering sensory experience with each bite.

Garlic plus butter equals flavor magic

Creating garlic butter for your Reuben is easy to do, the easiest version is just minced garlic stirred into softened butter. But don't stop there; your sandwich upgrade can get as creative as you like. Consider a roasted garlic variation, or add a dash of balsamic vinegar to balance the overall richness. Try a zesty lemon herb twist with chopped parsley and lemon zest or a kick of spice with red pepper flakes. Roll your flavored butter into a log using parchment paper, and toss it in the fridge until you need it — then using your garlic butter is as easy as cutting off a slice to spread on your rye bread when you build the sandwich. 

Using garlic butter in all its variations to jazz up your Reuben is a great way to personalize your sandwich and flex your culinary skills. It's a secret weapon in the kitchen for adding layers of flavor to your sandwich.