Your Avocado Toast Needs A Peanut Butter Upgrade

What better and easier way to start the morning than with an avocado toast? With great simplicity yet endless versatility, this ubiquitous dish is a go-to choice for almost any breakfast and brunch. More often than not, it's a mash-up of available ingredients or a product of creative whims rather than precise recipes. Well, the next time you're in the kitchen contemplating what to put on your avocado toast, don't forget to consider peanut butter.

Both peanut butter and avocado are pretty common ingredients for toast, so it should come as no surprise that they also go marvelously together. Although starkly different in many ways, they do share a similar creamy undertone that always feels so indulgent and satisfying. Rich and sweet, peanut butter brings a flavor enhancement to avocado's typically mild and gentle notes. What you end up getting is a gorgeous array of contrasting flavors that still intertwine seamlessly with each other. Not to mention the velvety smooth and luscious textures of their combined creaminess, which tastes like pure bliss against the bread's crispy backdrop.

An unexpected match made in heaven

This combination comes in many forms. It could be as simple as spreading peanut butter on toasted bread, then topping it with avocado slices or mashed avocados and some extra condiments. From there on, you can incorporate various other ingredients for a more diverse taste and texture. 

Other nuts, whether it's pistachio, almond, or cashew are great for further intensifying the flavor profile and adding a fun little crunch. Eggs — hard-boiled, soft-boiled, scrambled, poached, or sunny-side-up—are a classic choice, especially for breakfasts. For a nutritional boost, opt for any fruits and veggies that you like. They may also help to diversify the flavors by adding sweet or tangy hints to the mix. Let's not forget about cheese, either: A crumble of feta cheese or some shredded parmesan can make an unexpectedly huge difference.

Of course, toasted bread is only one of the many places where this avocado and peanut butter combination could shine. It works just as great with bagels and croissants, especially over a layer of cream cheese. Stuffed inside burritos and pita pockets, it's a refreshingly gorgeous burst of flavors that's unlike what you'd normally find in these dishes. Branching into the world of desserts, feel free to experiment with muffins, puddings, pies, or anything else you like. You'll be surprised by just how extraordinarily versatile this pairing is.