Give Your Cheese Dip A Vinegary Kick Using Diced Dill Pickles

Whether it's football Sunday or a backyard barbecue, cheese dip is the appetizer that never disappoints. Not only is it a crave-worthy crowd-pleaser, but there are so many different ways you can make it that you'll be able to appeal to almost anyone's tastebuds. If you (or your guests) are a fan of vinegary, tangy flavors, it's incredibly easy to insert these elements into your cheesy appetizer. All you need to do is add diced dill pickles.

Amidst rich, melted fromage, chopped pickles bring the perfect zing of sourness that will have you reaching for chip after chip. They'll also add a textural boost because you'll get crunchy bites of the briny cucumbers amidst all that gooey dip. And due to the inclusion of dill, you'll even taste subtle notes of earthiness and grassiness. While this combination may seem like a novelty, you've undoubtedly seen these ingredients meshed together before — perhaps on a cheeseburger, or when baking pickle chips with cheese. It makes for a satisfying flavor bomb in both of these dishes and will be in a cheesy dip too.

How to make a delicious cheese dip with diced dill pickles

Depending on what type of vinegary cheese dip you're going for, you can adjust the fromage you use accordingly, along with any additional ingredients. If you want a cheeseburger-inspired appetizer, for example, melt classic American cheese, Monterey Jack, or cheddar. Along with the diced pickles, feel free to incorporate some chopped onion, bacon crumbles, or cooked ground beef. If you don't want to cut up the pickles yourself, you can also stir in a spoonful of relish; and if you want to add extra boosts of flavor, incorporate a little Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, or mayo.

To branch out a little more, pimento cheese or queso are great starting points for a spicier appetizer. If you want yours to stay on the tangy side, stir in some chopped banana peppers or pepperoncini along with your pickles; but if you want to amp up the heat, go with fresh or pickled jalapeños, or serrano peppers. But also, feel free to flip the script and angle for a more pickle-heavy dip. Start with a creamy base that includes ingredients like cream cheese, mayo, or sour cream, and incorporate pickles (or relish), shredded cheddar, and dill. With any of these dips, if you taste them and find that they're still missing some of that briny flavor, go ahead and pour a little pickle juice in as well.