Bubble Up Desserts Combine Pie Filling And Biscuits For The Ultimate Easy Treat

Combining two desserts into one isn't a new concept; cronuts, cruffins, and brookies are just a few hybrid dessert mashups with equally clever names. Bubble up desserts are a sweet and savory mashup that lies somewhere between cobbler and bread pudding. Bubble ups toss store-bought savory biscuit dough into a bowl with canned pie filling doctored with baking spices, brown sugar, and butter. True to its name, the biscuit dough and pie filling bubble up into a puffy, oozing dessert casserole. Biscuit dough is buttery, fluffy, and flakey, making for a delicious premade swap for pie crust or scratch-made cobbler dough. Plus, the pie filling effectively infuses the dough with sweet, spicy, fruity flavors as it bakes.

Both pie filling and canned biscuit dough are widely available, with many different flavors and textures to choose from. You can also add extra fruit to your pie filling or toasted nuts to the mix to give your bubble up a personalized, homemade touch. Bubble up desserts are just as tasty as pie or cobbler and require only half the effort. They're a one-bowl dessert that you toss all the ingredients into, mix up, then spread into a casserole dish and throw into the oven to bake for around 45 minutes.

Bubble up dessert flavor pairing ideas

Bubble up desserts are all about effortless assembly. Luckily, there are many premade and canned pie fillings, biscuits, and even pastry doughs to create a wide variety of delicious combinations. If you like a denser, doughier bubble up, use homestyle biscuits. For flakier, fluffier dough, opt for canned flakey biscuits. Cinnamon rolls are another wonderful canned product that'll bring extra sugar and baking spices to the bubble up.

Canned pie fillings are even more plentiful and include a wide assortment of fruit fillings as well as citrus curds. For the filling to congeal and infuse into the biscuits, fruit or custard fillings are optimal. You can also create a simple glaze with powdered sugar and milk to drizzle over the crisp biscuit tops.

You can use cinnamon rolls and apple pie filling doctored with dark brown sugar, salted butter, and a splash of bourbon to temper the sweetness. For a take on apple walnut cobbler, use flakey biscuit dough, apple pie filling, chopped walnuts, light and dark sugar, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Instead of a glaze, you can serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A tasty, summery bubble up could use a mix of strawberry and blueberry filling with lemon juice and light brown sugar dotted with flakey biscuit dough and served with a dollop of fresh whipped cream or mascarpone. Citrus lovers can use canned lemon curd and raspberry pie filling with powdered sugar and sliced almond garnishes.