Combine Matcha And Soda Water For A Refreshing Drink

The roots of matcha go back to 7th century China, but in recent years, this concentrated green tea powder has become all the rage in the U.S. These days, you can get matcha lattes at mainstream coffee shops like Starbucks, where the chain uses milk and milk foam for its version of the drink. But while lattes may be the most popular way to drink this powder in the States these days, it's not the only way to do so. If you want to make the classic cup of matcha into a fun and refreshing chilled drink, opt for soda water instead of milk.

Unlike the bitter notes of coffee, matcha has an earthy, slightly sweet taste, so it doesn't necessarily need to be overpowered with heavier additives like milk, cream, and sugar. That doesn't mean you can't add in any additional sweeteners or flavorings — but combining this green tea powder and soda water alone will give you a delicious sparkling drink that feels fancy, but is really simple to make. Plus, if you're looking for a soda replacement, this can give you your carbonated beverage (and caffeine) fix.

How to make a matcha soda

As we mentioned, matcha soda water is super simple to make, but here are the basics of how to whip it up. First, dissolve your matcha by whisking (or frothing) the powder in a little hot water, then fill a glass with ice. Before you pour in your carbonated water and matcha mixture, feel free to add in something to sweeten it up. A basic simple syrup will work, but you can also include honey, maple syrup, or a fancy flavored syrup like blood orange, blueberry, or even coconut. While it's tempting to go with richer flavored sweeteners here (such as cinnamon or caramel), you may want to stick to fruity or tropical versions if you're trying to keep your drink as refreshing as possible. You can pour your syrup straight into your glass of ice, or mix it in with your hot water and matcha so it dissolves more easily.

Then add in your soda water, and finally your matcha mixture on top. If you already used a separate sweetener, you may want to stick to plain fizzy water — but if you didn't, try subbing in tonic water, which has a little added sugar. Then to finish off your creation, squeeze lemon, lime, or orange juice on top, and garnish with a little fresh mint.