Seltzer & Tonic Water: What's The Difference? |

We explain what these fizzy waters are all about

If you pour side-by-side glasses, there's virtually no difference between seltzer, club soda, mineral and tonic water. But one thing's for sure: Not all carbonated waters are created equal. If you've ever mistakenly received tonic water instead of club soda or seltzer in your cocktail, you know right away something doesn't taste right.

Seltzer: This one's simple. Seltzer is water that has been carbonated with carbon dioxide. It is available plain, as well as in a variety of citrus flavors. The crisp, clean taste is a great mixer with your favorite vodka.

Club Soda: Club soda is similar to seltzer in terms of added carbonation; however, it has a slightly saltier taste, which comes from additional ingredients like potassium bicarbonate or potassium sulfate. Club soda also mixes well with your favorite alcohol.

Tonic Water: The only thing tonic water and the other bubblies have in common is the bubbles themselves; tonic water is more like soda than it is water. It's the only one of the group that actually contains calories and is typically sweetened with sugar and quinine. Regarding pairing, this one you'll want to keep classic with a no-nonsense gin and tonic.

Mineral Water: This is one of those rare times when the product's name perfectly describes itself. Mineral water is usually sourced from springs or wells that contain natural minerals like salts and sulfur compounds. Enjoy it plain or with a fresh lemon or lime wedge.

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