A Dollop Of Citrus Mayo Brightens Up Hearty Burgers

Thick, meaty, and juicy burgers are typically a meal we go for when we want something hearty. While you could smother your hearty burgers with ketchup or mustard, why not opt for something a little more unique instead? Creamy sauces like mayo are no stranger to patties, as anyone who's ever tasted In-N-Out's secret spread can attest to. While slathering classic mayo on your burger can add extra richness, consider spiking the condiment with citrus juice for a whole different flavor experience.

Not only do different types of citrus juice — including lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit — add brightness to any dish they're in but they can enhance the other flavors in your dish as well. Citrus is also an ideal ingredient for balancing out mayo because, on its own, the spread is thick, creamy, and rich. When you slather citrus mayo on a burger, you'll create the perfect pop of zingy flavor amidst the succulent meat and soft bun. Plus, you'll add a touch of fruitiness to your patties, which may be unexpected but can lead to delectable flavor combinations. 

Pairing citruses and patties

You can plop a dollop of citrus mayo on a classic beef burger, but that's not the only way to use this tangy spread. It would pair well with practically any type of patty, including turkey, veggie, salmon, shrimp, lamb, and even portobello mushroom patties. When it comes to the condiment, feel free to make it as simple or as complex as you want. A basic (but still delicious) way to start if you want to dip your toe in these waters is with a simple lemon mayo. All you'll need to do is squeeze a little lemon juice into the creamy spread and mix, although you can also add garlic or onion powder, chopped basil or dill, or cayenne pepper for a little spice.

If you want to get a little fancier, however, feel free to try out other types of citrus juices and match them with complementary ingredients. Minced ginger would pair well with lemon, lime, or orange, for example, while mustard would taste delicious mixed into a grapefruit mayo (don't knock it 'til you try it). You can also mix and match patty and condiment options. For example, the grapefruit concoction would be yummy on a salmon or shrimp burger, while the other juices would go well with richer meats. And, if you want to really enhance the tanginess in any of these spreads, go ahead and stir in a little of the fruits' zest as well.