Toss Homemade Popcorn With Flavored Oil For An Elevated Taste

To elevate your next basic bowl of homemade popcorn, consider adding extra flavor with the oil you use to make the fresh batch. Flavored oils can add depth to the expected recipe and deliver a refined snack. Plus, with so many different kinds of flavored oils to choose from, you can make sure the taste of your next at-home movie night is anything but predictable.

Consider reaching for the garlic or herbs-infused olive oil you've stashed away in your fridge or use chili oil to bring a touch of heat to your next batch of popcorn. While you can use ready-made flavored oils that have been purchased from the store, you can also make your own infusions with citrus zest, chilis, spices, or herbs to get the exact taste you want in your next snack bowl. To add it, you can choose to pop kernels with a splash of your choice of flavored oil, or try drizzling a swirl directly onto popped batches. Alternatively, just add flavored oils like Calabrian chile oil to pre-popped snack bags to bring a new taste to store-bought products.

Popcorn may never taste the same

If you want to roast popcorn kernels in flavored oil and you don't have any prepared or bought, you can simply put spices into warmed oil or ghee before adding the kernels. Let your culinary creativity run and experiment with whole spices like cinnamon sticks or cloves (you can remove the pieces before adding the popcorn kernels) for a holiday flavor. Or just sprinkle ground spices like nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, or paprika into the heated oil to toss with your popcorn. 

To turn up the flavor of your snack to an even higher volume, garnish your warm popped bowls of popcorn with seasoned salt or an extra dusting of the flavors found in the oils you have used to make your snack. Roasted pieces of garlic, dried basil, and DIY everything bagel seasoning can all help guarantee that your next snack time serves up bags of taste. It might be a while before you return to plain popcorn again.