How To Turn Flavorful Deviled Eggs Into A Spreadable Salad

Deviled eggs are a classic Easter, picnic, or brunch appetizer — but do you ever wish you could eat them on a casual Tuesday for lunch instead? As delicious as they are, it can be a little time-consuming to whip up these aesthetically pleasing eggs regularly, as the process involves removing the yolks, mixing them with other ingredients, and piping them back into the whites. But if you're craving the mouthwatering flavors in deviled eggs, yet don't want to go to all the trouble of making a typical recipe, try whipping up a spreadable deviled egg salad instead.

It's exactly what it sounds like: A cross between deviled eggs and a regular egg salad. It's fairly similar to the latter, except with a distinctly deviled twist. While a classic egg salad usually includes mayo, mustard, vinegar, and herbs, this new version also incorporates key ingredients like pickle relish and paprika. And instead of piping the filling back into the whites, you can simply mix everything together and eat it on its own, on a sandwich, or even with a few Saltines — whether it's a fancy occasion or a random Tuesday.

How to make deviled egg salad

As we've mentioned, pickle relish and paprika are two important ingredients you'll want to include to separate your deviled version from a regular egg salad. However, you can also incorporate additional ingredients for heat (or replace your paprika with another spicy seasoning), such as Tabasco, red pepper flakes, Crystal hot sauce, cayenne pepper, or chili powder. Spice is truly what puts the "devil" in deviled eggs, so as long as your tongue can take it, don't hold back in this area. If you don't have pickle relish, you can also just finely chop up some pickles instead. Traditional egg salad tends to contain more herbs than deviled eggs but feel free to still mix some chopped chives or green onions into your version of this dish. And if you're really feeling fancy, you may want to stir in some diced, crispy bacon bits.

To truly make this a deviled egg salad, you'll still want to scoop the yolks out of the whites and mash them up separately. Then you'll mix the rest of your ingredients in while you chop up your whites, before stirring everything back together. This gives your dish a creamier consistency overall, making it perfect for spreading, while still leaving a little chunkiness in from the whites. It's so easy and delicious that you may never go back to a regular egg salad.