The Absolute Best Way To Store Frozen Soup

Soup is a great dinner option, but one that almost always leads to copious leftovers. Thus, storing frozen soup for future use can save loads of time in busy households, providing a convenient solution for quick and hearty meals. But freezing soup in most containers, such as Tupperware or deli containers, takes up valuable space in conventional freezer compartments. For those who want to make the most of this limited space, think outside the box and reach for your freezer bags.

To get started, you want to first let the soup drop in temperature, as placing hot soup in the freezer can affect the quality of other frozen items and potentially damage your freezer. Once cooled, the next step is ladling the soup into freezer bags. Opt for high-quality, durable bags to safeguard your culinary creations. Another key step is to remove as much air as possible from the bags before sealing them. This minimizes the risk of freezer burn and ensures maximum use of space during storage.

To maximize freezer space and facilitate easy stacking, freeze the soup flat. Lay the filled freezer bags on a flat surface, spreading the soup evenly across the bag's interior. This saves space by allowing you to stack the thin bags of soup one on top of the other. Finally, consider labeling the bags with the date and type of soup to keep track of your frozen inventory.

Tips and considerations

Taking your freezing game to the next level involves a couple of additional steps that guarantee optimal results. Start by using a baking sheet or just a level shelf in your freezer to ensure the bags remain flat during the freezing process. This prevents the soup from accumulating in one lump, making it easier to portion out servings later.

Another critical aspect is checking for leaks before freezing. Fill each bag you intend to use with water and fully seal it then, over the sink, carefully inspect each for any fluid escaping making sure to turn the bags over to test the seal. Ensuring that your bags are properly sealed helps prevent a frozen mess from unfolding across your freezer. No one wants to be cleaning up solid chicken stock and vegetable chunks off of hard-to-reach surfaces with a scraper.

For added convenience, portion your soup into individual servings before freezing. This makes it easier to thaw and reheat exactly the amount you need, reducing waste and streamlining meal preparation. Individual portions also provide flexibility for serving different family members or guests with varying appetites if you have multiple frozen soup or stew options.