How To Save Space In The Freezer

You're going to need all the room you can get

Nothing's more frustrating than opening your freezer to put something away and realizing there's absolutely no way it's going to fit. You can try rearranging what's in there, but since the items are all basically interchangeable frozen bricks, this is a fool's errand.

The key to saving space in your freezer starts with how you pack your items before putting them away. Whether you have a large freezer or a small one, these tips will help you keep it organized and ready for more meals and leftovers.

① Keep it flat.

Square containers are great for storing leftovers in the fridge, but if you're putting them in the freezer, it's best to flatten them as much as possible. Purchase heavy-duty freezer bags and pack down your contents (soup, chili, vegetables, meat, cookie dough, etc.).

② Freeze serving sizes.

Prefer to buy in bulk? Portion out your items before you freeze them. If you purchase chicken on sale but know you won't use it all at once, divide it up and store it flat in freezer bags. This helps save space and will stretch your dollar.

③ Take items out of their boxes.

If your freezer foods come individually wrapped, removing them from the cardboard box will allow you to store more in your freezer. If the products aren't individually wrapped, you can still take them out and stick them in freezer-safe bags.

Now you should have more than enough room for all of your leftovers.