Take The Mess Out Of Cannolis By Piping The Filling Into Thumbprint Cookies

A classic Sicilian cannoli is a tough recipe to top when it comes to marrying a crunchy shell with creamy filling. Admittedly, biting into one of these decadent treats can become a messy affair. From flaky, crumbly shells to an outpouring of ricotta filling, portions of the delicacy may end up falling onto your plate or in your lap instead of into your mouth. We have a sweet hack for that, and the answer comes in a cookie form.

Baking thumbprint cookies with the same filling you'd use to make your favorite cannolis can result in a sumptuous treat that can be enjoyed as a dessert or afternoon snack. With a crisp cookie acting as the base for the rich, creamy cannoli mixture, you won't need to choose between options when it comes to serving up after-dinner sweetness. Add a few chocolate chips as a finishing touch, and this recipe hits all the right notes when it comes to savoring la dolce vita. 

A recipe to make nonna proud

Like typical thumbprint cookies, a finger or kitchen utensil like a spoon can be used to create the divot on the surface of the cookie dough. The dented cookies are baked and cooled before the ricotta mixture is added to each one, and Italian grandmothers around the world can embrace this coming together of dessert recipes.

Use a piping bag or plastic bag with a cut corner to squeeze the ricotta mixture into the center of the set cookies for a quick and clean culinary project. Once you've mastered the basic process, you can experiment by adding lemon zest, cinnamon, or mini chocolate chips onto the surface of your cookies for an extra boost of flavor. When served with a freshly made espresso, a good Prosecco, or an Italian dessert wine such as a vin santo, these cannoli-flavored cookies will have you sitting back and pretending you're basking in a Palermo piazza.