What Are Demitasse Spoons And Why Are They Used For Coffee Drinks?

Most of us, admittedly, don't put much thought into silverware — after all, we're usually more concerned with how the food we're eating tastes, rather than how it's making its way into our mouths. Unless you're one who relishes in throwing formal dinner parties or collecting cookware, the various types of spoons out there likely aren't on your radar.

While we've officially entered the age of casual dining, there's still plenty of room to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of the utensils of old. One such tool is the demitasse spoon, which is a very small spoon used for espresso, coffee, or tea. In order to reach the small crevices of a teacup or coffee cup, demitasse spoons are only about three to four inches in length. Originating in 1800s France, these diminutive silver spoons were created to accompany a demitasse cup, which was a small cup for drinking black coffee after a meal. The demitasse spoon would be served alongside the cup, and it would be used to mix sugar into the coffee.

During those days, crafting intricate and ornate spoons was a covetable artisanal skill. Similar to the way our cars, in modern times, represent our societal status, wealth, and sense of style and fashion, demitasse spoons were a way to express yourself. On the same token, variations of demitasse spoons were used for different blends of coffee and various occasions.

The demitasse spoon in current times

When the demitasse spoon and cup was originally invented, espresso, on the other hand, was not. Espresso didn't emerge until the early 1900s, so calling a demitasse spoon an espresso spoon is actually incorrect, although many do use demitasse spoons for espresso today. Nevertheless, demitasse spoons made their way to the United States and became a common addition to after-dinner coffee.

Nowadays, you might run into the intricate demitasse spoons of old at a trendy or whimsical cafe, but their commonplace has died out along with formal dining. However, many who like to add a bit of elegance or ease to their coffee or espresso experience still find use in these spoons. Modern-day demitasse spoons typically look less formal, and appear just as a miniature-sized version of a regular spoon. They come in many different colors and shapes, and people now use them for more than just coffee drinks. They're also great for eating indulgent desserts, spooning out sauces, and even feeding baby food.