Complement Rich Lamb With A Squeeze Of Lemon Juice For Tangy Flavor

Lamb tastes like different things to many different people; while some consider the meat to taste delicate and grassy, others claim it has a robust, gamey flavor. No matter how lamb comes across to you, one thing remains constant — it always tastes better with a squeeze of lemon.

In general, lamb tends to be quite rich. While that can be due to its natural palate, the meat is also often cooked with seasonings that give it a resonant flavor. Whether that's through an abundance of rosemary, thyme, and oregano for gyros or with sumac and cumin for shawarma, lamb is always extremely savory. A bit of lemon juice enhances the flavor while uplifting it with its bright, zesty taste.

Brightening up lamb is as easy as squeezing a lemon wedge onto it. Add a splash onto your roast leg of lamb before putting it in the oven or pour some onto lamb kebabs fresh from the grill. Lemon juice also makes a great tenderizer for lamb — just be careful with how long you leave it. If lamb is marinated in the citrus too long, it can either get too soft or take on a chewy texture.

Add a splash of lemon to these lamb dishes

Adding a squeeze of lemon juice onto meat right before serving ensures that the zesty flavors from the fruit are experienced fully, rather than relegated to the background. However, incorporating lemon into sauces and side dishes brings balance to the lamb without the risk of overwhelming it with citrus. Pairing tangy green goddess dressing with lamb meatballs brings a controlled amount of zest to the meat. You can drizzle the dressing on top or put it on the side for the occasional bright, herbaceous kick.

To infuse the lamb with a bright flavor while tenderizing it, marinate lamb chops in a mix of Greek yogurt and lemon. With Greek yogurt providing the lamb chops with a creamy, supple finish, a squeeze or two of lemon juice brightens the lamb. Add hints of smoky flavor by grilling it and serve with Greek lemon potatoes and herb-roasted beets and asparagus.

Create an easy, one-pot meal by cooking ground lamb with lemon rice pilaf. After cooking the lamb in a pot, remove and set it aside, adding olive oil, shallots, and garlic right in. Once they've softened, toast the rice in the pot and pour in lemon zest, followed by broth, lemon juice, and a few spices. When the water's been absorbed, add the lamb back in and stir well.

A little bit of lemon can be the key to that exquisite lamb dish you've been waiting to try out.