Potatoes Are The Unlikely Secret To Vegan Deviled Eggs

One of the great challenges vegan recipe developers have overcome is inventing a worthy substitute for eggs. Flax meal and water make an effective binding agent to use instead of eggs in baked goods. Aquafaba perfectly simulates the foamy fluffy peaks of meringue egg whites, while crumbled tofu is often fried with turmeric and spices for vegan egg-style scrambles. While all of these ingredients have successfully stood in for eggs for various culinary tasks, substituting a hard-boiled egg white and yolk is quite the feat.

Potatoes are the unlikely ingredient to pull off both the look and feel of a hard-boiled egg in the crowd-pleasing appetizer, deviled eggs. In her clever recipe for vegan deviled eggs, Tasting Table recipe developer Miriam Hahn uses thin-skinned, waxy Yukon gold potatoes as the star ingredient. Not only do waxy potatoes hold their shape, but they are also a popular type of potato to mash. This comes in handy for deviled eggs because you want to maintain the oval structure of the potato to create the hard-boiled shell while simultaneously mashing some of it with seasonings and condiments to create a creamy deviled yolk.

Potatoes are as accessible and affordable as eggs with a subtle earthiness and fluffy texture that are equally versatile and malleable. Furthermore, they require almost the same steps as their non-vegan counterparts, so the only real difference is the ingredient swap.

Tips for vegan deviled eggs

Making vegan deviled eggs is as simple as the classic recipe, starting with boiling the whole potatoes. Yukon gold potatoes are the ideal shape and size for deviled eggs, but fingerling, butterball, or Inca gold potatoes are all worthy substitutes for the waxy, thin-skinned characteristics.

Boiling potatoes takes twice as long as boiling eggs, but at least you don't have to worry about ridding them of pesky, flakey eggshells. Once the potatoes cool in an ice bath, you'll cut them in half and use a melon scooper or a metal tablespoon to extract a portion of the flesh and form the concave depression typically made by hard-boiled egg yolks.

Deviled eggs blend mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, and seasonings with the yolks, and these deviled potatoes are no different. Vegan mayonnaise is a common staple available in most major grocery stores, but you can always make your own with aquafaba or soy milk. You could add some extra crunch and tang by adding pickle relish or diced cornichons to the mash or as a garnish.

To create the bright yellow hue of the deviled egg filling, turmeric is the best option if you want the least effects on flavor. Curry powder will also work, and it will lend a rich and savory taste to complement the tangy mustard and smoky paprika.